Marc Northcott

Marc Northcott


  • Cell: (603) 568-7483
  • Office: (603) 521-6400 Ext. 217
  • Office Location: 33 Trafalgar Square, Suite 100
    Nashua, NH 03063

About Marc Northcott

Hi, my name is Marc Northcott. I am passionate about helping people buy and sell their home and being a part of a new chapter of their lives. It is a privilege to be a part of that process. I value trust, honesty, hard work and am committed to exceeding my client’s expectations in the services I provide. Entrepreneurship has always been exciting for me as I place tremendous value in establishing strong relationships with my clients. I have lived in New Hampshire my entire life, both central and southern parts of the state. I love all that New Hampshire offers, from the ocean to the mountains. I have been married to my exceptional wife, Julianne, for 18 years and we have three awesome (and busy!) kids. As a family, we love being outside, camping and spending time at the beach. In addition, another thing that keeps our family busy is that it seems that we always have a home renovation project in the works! 

My interest and first experience in real estate started 17 years ago when my wife and I built our first home. Our Mortgage Company even approved me as the general contractor for the build!  What followed was an incredible journey where we learned all aspects of house construction. We had the support of close friends and family as they helped us design and build a gorgeous home with wrap-around farmer’s porch and open concept layout. After this experience, I developed a keen interest in looking at real estate listings, learning about the market, a learning all aspects about buying and selling, home improvement, and an appreciation for what makes a house a home. 

While real estate has always been an interest, the majority of my professional work has been in the field of property maintenance. I have been in this business for 15 years and my experience has uniquely prepared me for a real estate career. I have had the opportunity to work closely with homeowners and commercial property managers, building relationships based on trust, honesty and a willingness to work hard. I am committed to making sure my customer’s vision becomes a reality for their property. 

Two years ago, I finally decided to action on this interest and was committed to getting my real estate license. It has been professionally rewarding to see the skills that I utilize daily in the field of property maintenance have directly carried over to my career as a real estate agent. These same values are even more important as I guide people through the selling and buying process. In addition, I have a unique knowledge set when it comes to understanding of the quality and condition of a home both on the inside and out and can share practical advice and guidance as you go through the process. 

Real estate has emerged as a strong passion for me because it is such an exciting journey to travel with individuals and families. I make the buying and selling process as smooth as possible for my clients while ensuring that they are happy and confident throughout the process. My personal value of integrity means that I am working hard to build a business based on trust and dedication while creating long-lasting relationships with my clients.